Many recently developed cosmetic orthodontic products have been very successful but it’s wire products that orthodontists rely on most to adjust the position of teeth, transforming smiles and improving confidence for many patients. Orthoform is founded on a thorough understanding of how wire products enable customers to achieve desired orthodontic objectives for patients. In a highly competitive and sales-driven B-to-B environment where success lies in delivering the right products at the right time, Orthoform operates reliably and without complication. Orthoform’s business is not only about offering a better quality product. Good quality products alone have little value without the knowledge to also specify, manage and supply them. Orthoform delivers a broad range of orthodontic wire products and their biggest seller is preformed archwires, which has proven to be the mainstay of most modern orthodontic treatments. With the transformational capabilities of archwires in mind, the new Orthoform symbol is made up of two overlapping archwires that suggest a heart. Not only do archwires enable orthodontists to transform smiles but the experience of working with Orthoform, particularly in comparison to competitors, is transformational. Extending on this evocative presentation of archwires in the symbol, the entire wire product range has been used to create playful illustrations that highlight the performance capabilities of wire products