Jonathan Ward London is an artisan room fragrance brand aimed at aspirational consumers with a taste for authentic, crafted British Luxury lifestyle products, and for whom high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, materials and production processes are essential. The brand distinguishes itself through unique, product-specific storytelling, which has established an unparalleled brand experience within a saturated marketplace. Jonathan Ward London is not only an ‘ambiance enhancer’ at home but is also used in hospitality, health and well-being environments that often cater to high net worth individuals. Jonathan Ward is a master craftsman in storytelling through fragrances. He creates unique ‘scent-stories’ by melding together personal experience and scents to create inspired fragrances that capture hearts and minds the world over. Jonathan defines moments in time: drawn directly from personal experience as well as experiences imagined from historical accounts and culture references. He captures ‘moments’ in scents and fragrances so that customers can experience ‘defining moments’ for themselves in their own unique and profoundly personal ways. Jonathan Ward London is all about defining meaningful moments for people. With this in mind the organising principle at the heart of the transformed brand is ‘begins within’, which captures Jonathan’s unique creative process and invokes new beginnings from inner experiences